Nardcore. What is it? What was it? Where is it? So many questions. And not a whole lot of answers. Oxnard. Hardcore. NARD+CORE=Nardcore. I’m not sure who thought up the term Nardcore and I would venture to think that there would be more than one person in Ventura County who would take credit for coming up with the name. I don’t think it’s that important. History would say that some of the earlier Nardcore bands like Agression, Dr. Know, and Ill Repute, and Stalag 13 were all from Oxnard. But the scene wasn’t restricted to just Oxnard. Earlier punk bands like the Rotters and the Assault were from Ventura. Later, there were just as many or more bands from other county cities like Camarillo, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, etc. For quite a while these bands existed without any real unity. No real togetherness. And it would be pretentious to say that 60 Miles North brought these bands together and helped form the scene. Either the "scene" was going to eventually happen and it was pure coincidence or 60 Miles North just came along at the right time to be a catalyst in bringing the Nardcores together. Nardcore thrived in the 80’s and continues on. 60 Miles North is just a memory. Is the Nardcore scene still alive? Let’s hope so.



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